TNT Wakeboarding
Live Easy-Ride Hard

This is what we do

Don't have what you need to practice away from home!? Or just need boat access to progress? Seeking the best pulls in NC?! You have found the right place!! Come visit Jordan Lake and "catch a ride"! Best rides in the Triangle

We have riding needs covered- enough to help you reach your goals, or to just enjoy a sunny afternoon! Sporting industry leading boats, and a world class good time.... Take it 30 min at a time solo, or charter a full day of fun on our local Jordan Lake. We offer services on other local lakes upon request, but no matter where; this is what you get-

Treadmills and other machinesWeights
  • Relaxed environment 
  • Personal attention and instruction
  • Group or Company outings, as well as a great place to meet other riders
  • Professional level wakes
  • High quality gear for most sizes and skill levels
  • Surf or wakeboard sessions available
  • Shuttle service available- please plan ahead 
  • Good time guaranteed!
  • Friends and Family Welcome FREE! (if seats arent booked)
    • Rates as follows
    • $66 For 30 Min Ride time or $120 For 60 Min
    • $10 To guarantee a seat to watch
    • FREE Photo or Video upon request
    • Life Jackets and Boards for most sizes (not guaranteed;call ahead)
    • Surf, Wake or Skate- Wakes for all! Even divide sets into 15min blocks!


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